Jonathan Robbins Leon

About the Author

Jonathan Robbins Leon identifies as a queer author of memoir and fiction. His work has been published by Flame Tree Press, Dark Moon Digest, and Distant Shore Publishing. He resides in Historic Kissimmee, where he and his husband act as caretakers to a haunted house and fathers to a super villain. In addition to writing, Jonathan’s endeavors include serving as a library cataloger and geeking out with his bestie on their podcast book club “They’re Coming to Read You, Barbara!”


Run! Run! RUN…to your library, because Jonathan and Rebecca are back, and they’re hungry for books.

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Short story, published in Christmas Gothic, a Flame Tree Press anthology, 2022

“The Same Kind of Monster”
Memoir, published in It Came from the Closet: Queer Reflections on Horror, a Feminist Press anthology, October 2022

“Curves Ahead”
Memoir, published by Oh Reader Magazine, Issue 6, December 2021

“You Could Live Here”
Short story, published by Distant Shore Publishing, April 2021

“The Coincidences”
Short story, published by Dark Moon Digest, Issue 42, January 2021

“Project Daphne”
Short story, published by 3 Moon Magazine, Issue 6, January 2021

The Mirror House
Short story, published in After Sundown, a Flame Tree Press anthology, October 2020

“Man of the House”
Short story, produced by Tales to Terrify, June 2020

Short story, produced by Scare You to Sleep, June 2020

“Have Your Cake”
Short story, produced by A Story Most Queer, January 2020

"Have Your Cake"

“Signal Lost”
Short film, directed by Bruce Wood, 2018

"Signal Lost"